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When does the program usually start?

SOCIAL Consult usually commences from March to May for Cycle 1, and August to October for Cycle 2. As for SOCIAL Accelerate, it on an ad-hoc basis, so you will need to follow our social media to keep up to date.

What types of projects will the project consultants be working on?

The projects we usually work with clients are strategic and important in nature. It could stem from a donation growth, validate the launch of a new initiative, or volunteer recruitment. It really depends on the projects that we receive from our third sector clients each cycle. However, the team try their best having a good mix of project each cycle.

What's in it for the project consultants? 

Our programs are an avenue for students and young professionals to challenge themselves professionally and personally while making a positive social impact. Usually, our past consultants are able to gain transferable problem solving, communication, and project management skills. On top of that, you'll be able to learn how management consultants (mentors from BCG and Kearney) work and network with like-minded peers.

I just graduated and unemployed or just started an internship, can I join any of your programs?

As for SOCIAL Consult, we do not have a strict rule on this matter. However, you must be really clear to why you want to join our programs and how you can commit to our program. Generally, project consultants who managed their time well do not face any issue on committing to our program.

What are the commitments required from me?

For our consulting projects, we typically expect project consultants to commit roughly 7 to 10 of productive hours per week, this varies depending on the phase of the project. However, we expect project consultants to put SOCIAL programs as their top three priority throughout the project.

Who do we look for? 

For SOCIAL Consult, we usually look for undergraduate or postgraduate students from all backgrounds based in Malaysia. ​As for SOCIAL Accelerate, we look for young professionals between 1 to 3 years of working experience based in Malaysia.

The best project consultants usually possess two key traits - extremely proactive in solving problems and have immense motivation in driving social change with us. Hence, we look for students who have the following traits: 

  • Strong problem-solver

  • Ability to think in a structured and analytical manner

  • Effective communication skills 

  • Proactive in nature

Last but not least, you must have a passion for creating social change!

How does the application process look like?

Typically it will consist of three rounds -

  1. Online application 

  2. Mini exercise / task

  3. Group case interview

How do I prepare for a case interview?

There are plenty of resources online to understand about case interview. We use case interviews to gauge your problem-solving ability in an unfamiliar environment. That's because our projects are usually unfamiliar to project consultants, and even to us sometimes.

Case questions could sometimes be: 

  • How much does this dim sum restaurant make?

  • What are the key factors in launching a new donation channel?

  • How much text message does an average Filipino receives?

What is the difference between SOCIAL Consult and SOCIAL Accelerate?

SOCIAL Consult is designed for local students who are still pursuing their undergraduate studies. SOCIAL Accelerate is for young professionals between 1 to 3 years of working experience.