What does SOCIAL do?

Creating real results with third sector clients

Data-driven, pragmatic and solution-oriented, we are a volunteer-based management consultancy. We seek to create real results to solve real problems. Our programs are designed to give our students an EDGE, allowing them to become more resourceful problem solvers, with strong people skills, resulting in all-rounded and highly employable individuals.


Our Programs

SOCIAL Consult

Voluntary Consulting Project (University Students)

SOCIAL Accelerate

Voluntary Consulting Projects (Young Professionals)


Social impact-focused case competition


Coming soon!


E.D.G.E Approach

We apply the E.D.G.E framework to give our project consultants an edge

EDGE Framework.png


Problem-Solving Workshop

The problem-solving workshop is the cornerstone of introducing our project consultants to the fundamentals of structured problem-solving

Presentation & Deck Building Workshop

The presentation & deck building workshop complements the problem-solving workshop where we teach students the fundamentals of structured communication and presentation

Mentorship and guidance from mentors

Throughout our program, project consultants will receive guidance and mentorship from real strategy consultants from top firms such as BCG and Kearney.