Our Story

The idea to start SOCIAL stemmed from the gap perceived within the third sector in Malaysia, whereby socially-driven organisations often lacked resources that were being channelled into the public and private sector. Determined to contribute, Lewis Teh & Scott Lee, came together to pilot a pro-bono management consultancy project that would train students in skills necessary to become successful consultants, whilst providing nonprofits with strategic perspectives and additional resources. 

The project continued to attract interest and talent, and thus enjoyed continued success. Pairing the student consultants' appetite for growth and quality mentorship from top-tiered consulting firms, the project produced strategic recommendations that yielded tangible impact. Clients began to return to us for a second project, and word about SOCIAL Consult began to spread across different universities. 

The SOCIAL experience has taught us that value and reward is not limited to monetary terms. Despite operating on a near-zero cost model, we are continually committed to doing two things well. One, to build a powerful platform that empowers the capabilities of the third sector. Two, to generate highly-skilled, socially-conscious professionals, and provide them with an avenue to volunteer, lifelong.