What we believe

Malaysia's third sector plays a vital role in our nation's growth

The third sector effectively transforms the goodwill of people into actionable impact, to solve our nation's problems in times of need. In certain areas, their networks may in fact be far more equipped than other sectors to tackle social problems. 

Third sector organizations often rely on a minimal-cost operating model. Unlike businesses, profit growth is not the most important bottom line. Without the luxury of excessive resources, the problems within the third sector are often unique and complex to solve. Effective strategic decisions and creative solutions are key to a third sector organisation's continued growth and success.

Here at SOCIAL, we believe that strategy consulting services can help provide third sector organizations with data-driven, pragmatic, and effective solutions, should they lack the flexibility and resources to produce themselves. By outsourcing aspects of their organizational problems to a social impact consulting service, these organisations can continue to focus on what they do best.

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How do we benefit you?


No cost to you

Projects are 100% free-of-charge as our project consultants and mentors voluntarily join us


Unique access to young talents

Close-knit working conditions allow for unique interactions with your potential hires


Fresh perspectives & insights

Student consultants can bring a fresh set of expertise to solve your organizational problems

How can you be involved?

Recognizing the enormity of the challenges which the third sector faces, SOCIAL is dedicated to making a lasting impact through our programs

SOCIAL Consult

Voluntary Consulting Project

8 to 9 weeks of pro-bono strategy consulting project. We aim to help you address your organization's toughest strategic issue with highly motivated students who will be guided by BCG consultants.

SOCIAL Accelerate

Voluntary Consulting Projects

Up 12 weeks of pro-bono strategy consulting project. We aim to help you address your complex strategic issue with young professionals who are keen to make impactful social change with you. They will be under the guidance of Kearney consultants


Social impact-focused case competition

Case competition with a clear focus on bringing social change to the third sector in Malaysia. We bring the competitive spirits of our youths to unleash your creativity and problem-solving skills to design practical solutions for the third sector organization.


Client involvement

At SOCIAL, we believe in commitment and we want our clients to make the most out of our engagements. We encourage our clients to meet our students at least once a week to ensure that they get the support to help bring fresh perspectives to your strategic issues. We recommend appointing a project sponsor and working level to work closely with our project consultants.


Past Clients

Successful Collaborations


*Selected clients


Testimonials from past clients

“The student consultants presented data-driven findings. Their extensive research and preparedness has exceeded my expectations”

Azizah, Mercy Malaysia

Deputy Head of Fundraising & Events

“We are glad to have committed student consultants to help us improve our website UX as part of our digital marketing efforts”

Xiao Cheng, EarthHeir

Chief Operating Officer