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Third Sector Organization


How does SOCIAL recruit project consultants? 

We usually put them through different stages of interviews. From online application, phone interviews, and a case interview. Typically, we recruit project consultants who demonstrated problem-solving abilities and a passion for social impact in Malaysia.

How does SOCIAL prepare our students consultants?

Once our project consultants are offered to join the program, we'll conduct foundational workshops on strategy consulting. This includes problem-solving, presentation, and communication.

What kind of projects can I work on with SOCIAL?

At SOCIAL, we love challenging and strategic problems. In the past, we've worked on donation growth, validate a launch of new initiatives, volunteer recruitment and many more. Even though the project requirements are not strict, we balance the challenging problems with the feasibility of execution.

How does the commitment look like during the program?

If you were to agree on an engagement with SOCIAL, we recommend our clients to appoint a project sponsor to facilitate any major decisions and a working-level to provide data or information to the project team. We want our clients to make the most out of the engagement, and we believe it would take sufficient commitment from both ends.